Rio Verde Wireless, providing high speed internet in the Rio Verde Foothills area.

Our System

Canopy® system, Motorola's innovative wireless broadband solution, is the ideal technology for developing, enhancing and extending advanced broadband networks and services - and for making delivery of high-demand technologies (like broadband Internet access, voice over IP, video services, security surveillance and E1/T1 capabilities) both much quicker and much less expensive.

Canopy wireless broadband technology combines carrier-grade toughness with exceptional performance, security, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. It significantly reduces the time to design and deploy new commercial and enterprise broadband networks. It also seamlessly integrates with existing network systems and management tools to make extending and augmenting existing service simpler and less cost-intensive.

The Canopy system leverages Motorola's more than 75 years of radio knowledge, experience and leadership. Motorola's dedication to creating and maintaining trusted relationships over the long-term means Canopy platform users are assured of high levels of worldwide service and support as their networks grow over the years.

Please Note!

Upload and Download speeds will vary based upon a number of factors, which may include but are not limited to network traffic, Internet congestion, and number of users accessing a particular server. Rio Verde Wireless customers may temporarily experience upload or download speeds in excess of those listed in their contracts. These temporarily increased download/upload speeds are referred to as "bursts." Enjoy them, they're free!

Don't be fooled by our competitors claims of "up to." They "throttle" bandwidth. Throttling means your bandwidth is cut back significantly whenever you reach a level that they deem is too much for their network.

What you order from us is what we strive to give you, consistently, no games!


Rio Verde Wireless, providing high speed internet in the Rio Verde Foothills area. Rio Verde Wireless, providing high speed internet in the Rio

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